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New and Recent Arrivals

Abandoned & Vanished Canals of Ireland, Scotland & Wales

Andy Wood

A brief history of many lost canals, from the Athlone Canal to the Trewydda Canal, via the Glasgow, Paisley & Ardrossan Canal.

Softback  £15.99

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The Narrowboat Guide

Tony Jones

Finding and buying a boat, the legalities of purchase, the different features and utilities, finding a mooring, boating health and safety, the cost of boating, etc.

Softback £18.99

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A-Z of the Birmingham Canal Navigations

Edward Paget-Tomlinson, Ray Shill

26 drawings of aspects of the BCN over the years, with detailed historical notes, and many old and recent photos.

Softback £15.95

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Narrowboat Life

Jim Batty

Comprehensive answers to all the questions you've wanted to ask about the ins and outs of liveaboard life on the inland waterways. Beautifully illustrated.

Softback   £18.99

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Waterways of Britain

Jonathan Mosse

Exploring Britain’s most beautiful canals and rivers. Discover a hidden countryside packed with wildlife and industrial heritage. (Previously The Times Waterways of Britain) Softback   £16.99

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The Flower of Gloster (DVD)

Granada TV’s 1967 children’s adventure, covering the delivery of a 72’ narrow boat from the Llangollen Canal to a customer in the Pool of London.  Superb period footage of the canals as they were 50 years ago!

2 x DVDs, 5hrs 15 mins.

£19.95 inc VAT

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The Canal Pioneers

Anthony Burton

Canal Construction from 2500BC (Ancient Egypt) to early 20th century. An exciting story of canal development and the many men who made it possible.  

Hardback   £25.00

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The Canal Builders

Anthony Burton

Updated 5th edition. The remarkable story of the many groups of people who were responsible for building Britain's canal system.

Hardback   £19.99

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Thomas Telford

Anthony Burton

Master builder or roads and canals - and bridges, and much else.  Telford brought about a revolution in transport and civil engineering.

Hardback   £19.99

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Waterways Journal Vol. 19 Dee Navigation improvement plans between 1836 and 1854; The Patent Slip and Associated Buildings at Ellesmere Port; Steam on the River Weaver; Holt Abbott – a pioneer in canal cruisers; John Wilkinson, his role in the ore trade.

Softback £7.99

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Living on the Waterways

Nick Corble/Allan Ford

Guidance on living aboard - mooring, engines, heating, cooking, sanitation, furnishing, finances, doctors, post etc.



Some Aspects of Horse Boating   Tony Lewery

Article reprinted from Waterways Journal 2, 2000.

A detailed look at horse boating and stabling, particularly on the Shropshire Union Canal.

Softback   £2.50

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Landscape with Canals

LTC Rolt

New edition of that part of Rolt’s autobiography relating to his canal journeys, getting into print (“Narrow Boat”), founding the IWA, etc.



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Historic Working Narrow Boats Today - 2

David Williams & Peter Silvester

Nearly 500 photographs of, and notes on, another 450 boats, together with a list of all the historic boats known to the authors.

Softback £19.95

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Rose & Castles

Jane Marshall

History of narrow boat decoration, ’master’ painters and present day painters. Practical guide on how to paint roses, castles, lettering and graining.

Softback   £18.95

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The Trouble With Canals

John Liley

Our canal system is safe now. Or is it? John Liley traces its fortunes through his own involvement. Lively and entertaining his account may be, but vital questions are raised.  

Softback £19.95

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Canals in Britain

Tony Condor

The story of the British canal from its origins, through its heyday during the Industrial Revolution, to the effects of rail and road competition and its modern renaissance for leisure use.

Softback   £8.99

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The Canal Belongs To Me

Tony Byfield

The author drove a tractor towing barges from the towpath of the Grand Union Canal in the west London area in the 1950s-1960s; this is his story.

Softback £5.00

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On the Boats

Les Mason

Memories of time spent on and around the upper section of the Cromford Canal in the 1920s-1930s, until shortly before trade ceased in 1937.

Softback   £4.00

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