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Boatmen & Boaters     1  2

Boatmen & Boaters     1  2

The Amateur Boatwomen

Eily Gayford

The author started boating during the Second World War, and went on to become a trainer of the wartime all-women crews.



Maidens’ Trip

Emma Smith

The war-time scheme under which women were recruited to crew canal boats. How it felt to be a teenager working on the boats.

Softback   £9.99

Idle Women

Susan Woolfitt

This book describes in unadorned detail the life of a 'trainee' working on canal boats during the Second World War.



Troubled Waters

Margaret Cornish

First published over 40 years after the war, this book provides a balanced account of the war-time canal scheme, tackling aspects which no-one else raised.  Softback


Hold On a Minute

Tim Wilkinson

The author and his wife hired a pair of boats from the Docks & Inland Waterways Executive in 1948, and spent a year carrying cargoes on England's canals. Softback  £9.99

Anderton for Orders

Tom Foxon

This book describes the exciting and colourful life of a teenager who gave up office work in 1950 to crew a canal boat.



Bread Upon the Waters

David Blagrove

The author carried timber, coal and cocoa residue for Willow Wren. The great freeze of 1962/3 virtually wiped out long-distance narrow boat traffic.  Softback


Number One

Tom Foxon

Tom Foxon is demobbed from the RAF and sets himself up in business as an owner boatman or Number One.



Following the Trade

Tom Foxon

Fresh from National Service, the author has become the owner of a working narrow boat, wanting to trade as far and wide as the canal system will allow…

Softback   £9.99

The Quiet Waters By

David Blagrove

This book describes the colourful experiences of a young man who worked as a Thames lock-keeper, while also running a narrow-boat carrying company. Softback


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A Canal People

Sonia Rolt

Evocative photographs of boats and boat families taken near Coventry 60 years ago by Phillip Longden.



Windlass in My Belt -

A Canal Adolescence

John Thorpe

An autobiographical account of a young boy's journey into manhood set against the background of the Midland canal system.  Softback    £14.99

Tales from the Old Inland Waterways

Euan Corrie

How life on our canals has changed, through memories of those men and women whose work both on and by the waterways.  Hardback

£18.99  £10.99

Dry Land Sailor

Fred Hobbs

A captivating insight not only into the business of cargo carrying by narrow boat, but into the lives of the people who worked on waterways.



The Last Number Ones

Hugh Potter

Joe and Rose Skinner were the last Number Ones, the owner horse boatmen.  This a celebration of a unique couple in canal history

(with audio CD).

Softback  £19.99

Lock Keeper’s Daughter

A Worcestershire Canal Childhood

Pat Warner

Pat recalls her life spent in a lock cottage by the side of the Worcester & Birmingham Canal.

Softback £8.99

Dolly and Ted

Valerie Fleet

This autobiography recounts the summer holidays the author spent as a child with her uncle, who was the lock keeper at Weston Marsh Lock from 1956 to 1972.

Softback   £7.99

George Smith

The Children’s Friend

Adrian Bristow

Biography of a Victorian social reformer who campaigned to improve conditions for many children living in poor conditions, e.g. canal boats. Softback £8.99

Voices from the Waterways

Jean Stone

A collection of first-hand accounts by men and women who worked on the waterways of Britain, illustrated with contemporary photographs. Softback

£16.99  £9.99

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Tracing Your Canal Ancestors   Sue Wilkes

A thorough, practical guide to the sources for researchers studying the canals, or trying to find out about an ancestor who worked on them.



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