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Canals - general     1  2

Canals - general

Waterside Pubs

Mike Lucas

Wide variety of pubs featured, some almost unaltered from commercial boating days, some chosen because of their architecture or history.



Canal Crimes

R H Davies

This book explores the whole range of criminal activity on Britain's Waterways during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.



Inland Waterways of Great Britain

Jane Cumberlidge

Originally published in 1904 as 'Bradshaw's Canals and Navigable Rivers of England and Wales'.  Comprehensive information on all waterways.

Hardback  £32.50

Canal Recollections

A Pictorial Record

Julian Holland

With some archive photos from British Waterways, this book portrays many aspects of canal life from the late 19th century to 1960.

Softback  £4.99

Up The Cut - An Anthology of Inland Waterways

Ivan E Broadhead

Accounts of cruising exploits, life aboard working vessels, engineering triumphs, ghostly tales, wartime experiences, unusual craft etc. Hardback £16.99 £9.99

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Exploring England by Canal

David Owen

The practicalities of cruising, with a host of tips on operating locks, negotiating tunnels, the rules of the road, mooring and the respective merits of hiring or buying boats.  Hardback £15.00 £9.99

Waterways Heraldry

Dennis Hadley

A review of canal seals, with photographs of 41 different seals.



Canal Linocuts - Along the English & Welsh Canal System

Eric Gaskell & Paul Higson

Reproductions of Eric Gaskell’s superb canal linoprints, with commentary on the locations by Paul Higson.

Softback  £8.00                                                                                                                                              


£4.99  £2.99

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The Illustrated History of

Canal & River Navigations

Edward Paget-Tomlinson

A classic reference book - engineering to boat-building, boats and craft, carriers, engineers etc.



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Canal 250 - The Story of Britain’s Canals  Anthony Burton

Covers the glorious early days, through years of decline, and subsequent revival as leisure routes.  A must-have book for all enthusiasts.

Hardback   £17.99

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Death on the Waterways

Allan Scott-Davies

The darkest criminal cases to be associated with the waterways, including high profile murders and assaults - a grisly selection of sordid tales.

Softback  £14.99

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Canals - general     1  2

Canals - general

Canals in the Heart of England

Alan Tyers

The changing moods of the Midland canals with photographs of waterways, boats and the people who work them.

Softback  £14.95

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Life On The Canal

Anthony Burton

A brief illustrated guide to canal building, boats, cargo, lock keepers, passenger boats, “Idle Women”, the back cabin, etc.



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Canal Pioneers

Chris Morris

Photographs preceded by a biographical notes of prominent early engineers. The concept of ‘pioneers’ is carried forward to the modern Falkirk Wheel.

Softback    £13.99

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Canals, Barges and People

John O’Connor

(Reprint of 1950 book).  Classic book on the delights of our rivers and waterways with 30+ superb wood engraving illustrations, and lyrical prose and pastoral vision.

Softback  £10.99

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The Canal Guide

Stuart Fisher

Journey along Britain’s 50 most beautiful and interesting canals. This guide reveals the best of our waterways heritage.



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The Canals of England

Eric de Mare

The fine photographs brilliantly capture the beauty of our old waterways and reveal the many scenic and architectural delights they possess.

Softback  £14.99

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Narrow Boat  LTC Rolt

70th anniversary edition of the classic book that started the revival of interest in the English canal system, first published in 1944 about a 1939 voyage, with photos by Angela Rolt.

Softback    £14.99

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A Pictorial History of Canals

D D Gladwin

A pictorial record of all aspects of the canal system as it developed over the years, with many unusual and fascinating photographs


£12.00  £5.99

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