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The website for canal and waterway books, maps and DVDs

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Canal and Waterway DVDs

CanalDVDs by VideoActive

The original canal DVDs, introduced by Chris and Angela Smith in 1991 in VHS format, but now all in DVD format and regularly updated. Chris and Angela have been boating together for 40 years, and Chris has been a professional video and television producer since 1987.

>> Cruising Range - a cruise along a particular canal, with highlights and commentary

>> Heritage Range - old film, or historical subjects

>> Continental Range - canals in France

>> Value Packs (2 disks)

>> Super Saver Packs (3 disks)

DVDs by Waterway Routes

Introduced a few years ago, this range of canal and river DVDs by Paul and Christine Balmer has become very popular.  Again, very professionally produced.

>> Popular Series - a cruise along a particular canal, with highlights and commentary

>> Bowcam Series - the same route, but the whole of it, speeded up very considerably!

>> Combined Series -the Popular and Bowcam DVDs in one pack, at a reduced price

Technical note:  All DVDs are provided on DVD-R disks, and were filmed in UK PAL television format.

If they are to be played outside the UK, please check before ordering that your machine and television/monitor are compatible with this type of disk.  Multi-region machines should play these disks. We regret that we cannot provide advice on these technical matters.

A Narrowboat Experience

Advice and guidance on all aspects of boating, aimed at the beginner.  From steering and manoeuvring, to knots and safety. Essential viewing!


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The Prendergast File (DVD)

A satirical canal film made in 1964!

Samuel Prendergast, a civil servant, is sent by the Ministry of Public Apathy to investigate canals and report back, with an eye on closure. But he meets people connected with canals, becomes enthusiastic, and “goes native”…   £7.95


Sight Seen Partnerships

A group of waterways enthusiasts dedicated to preserving and recording waterways skills and techniques, whilst the memories of those who actually worked on the boats are still fresh enough to correct and guide the efforts of those taking part.

A series of six DVDs:

Towpath Encounter

A record of the techniques involved in working horse drawn boats through locks and past other boats.


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A Tanner a Night

With the aid of horses, harness and a beautifully restored narrow boat, the daily work of one of the few complete surviving canal stables was recreated for this recording.


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Gunnels Under

Watch the Sight Seen team raise a sunken narrow boat that is "gunnels under", using historic boat raising tackle and traditional techniques.


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Last Coal Run from Anglesey

Recreating a coal run with tugs and joey boats (open day boats) from Anglesey on the edge of Cannock Chase, into the heart of the Black Country.


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Topcloth and Tippet

Using the beautifully restored boats of the Working Boats Project, the crew of captain and mate demonstrate the complete procedure of clothing-up a pair of narrow boats.


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Warehouse at Work

Using the original cranes and hoists in Broad Street Warehouse, a small group of experts reconstruct the way that boats entered the building's indoor wharf and were unloaded.


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The Flower of Gloster (DVD)

Granada TV’s 1967 children’s adventure, covering the delivery of a 72’ narrow boat from the Llangollen Canal to a customer in the Pool of London.  Superb period footage of the canals as they were 50 years ago!

2 x DVDs, 5 hrs 15 mins.

£19.95 inc VAT

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