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New and Recent Arrivals

The Narrowboat Guide

Tony Jones

Finding and buying a boat, the legalities of purchase, the different features and utilities, finding a mooring, boating health and safety, the cost of boating, etc.

Softback £18.99

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Narrowboat Life

Jim Batty

Comprehensive answers to all the questions you've wanted to ask about the ins and outs of liveaboard life on the inland waterways. Beautifully illustrated.

Softback   £18.99

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Canals in Britain

Tony Condor

The story of the British canal from its origins, through its heyday during the Industrial Revolution, to the effects of rail and road competition and its modern renaissance for leisure use.

Softback   £8.99

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Echoes Down the Line

David J Boulton

The Irish Potato Famine resonates with events thirty years later in the Peak District where a man is found shot in a railyard and a locked van has been broken into …

Softback    £9.99

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Narrow Boats

Tom Chaplin

A history of narrow boats,life aboard for crews and families, commercial carrying, traditional painting - and their decline.



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The Standedge Tunnels

Trevor Ellis

A detailed history of the canal tunnel and three separate railway tunnels that bore through the Pennines at Standedge.

Softback  £7.50

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Ponds, Tonzs and Boorts

Tales from the Chesterfield Canal    David Bownes

(Pounds, Bends and Boats) The author has been involved with the canal for 65 years, and presents various stories from this time.  Well illustrated.

Softback  £7.50

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Witching Hour

Leo McNeir

A swastika is daubed on a canal bridge, and the local Polish community is threatened.  Marnie is drawn into the turmoil, which might involve witchcraft….

Softback   £9.99

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Cabin Crochet, Bonnets & Belts  Waterways Museum Society

Large number of patterns for cabin crochet, plus patterns for a boatwoman’s bonnet and boatman’s spiderweb belt - all with full instructions.

Softback  £12.95

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Water Ways

Jasper Winn

A year exploring Britain's waterways on foot and by bike, in a kayak and on narrow boats - a roving miscellanea of engrossing canal facts and lore.

Hardback   £16.99

The Shropshire Union Canal Peter Brown

Four canals totalling 200 miles were combined in the 1840s; this book covers history, later railway ownership, decline, partial closure, nationalisation, revival and part restoration.

Hardback   £35.00

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A Summer on the Nene

BB - illustrations by DJ Watkins-Pritchard

Reprint of 1967 classic of an idle, golden summer boating on the Nene by well-known naturalist.  Wonderful scraperboard illustrations  Softback £15.95

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Forging Ahead

Matthew Armitage

History of Tooley’s Boatyard at Banbury, working on boats for 240 years, with the oldest inland dry dock.  Particular reference to Rolt and the Tooleys.

Softback   £11.99

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Around Britain by Canal Anthony Burton

A reprint of the 1983 book Back Door Britain. A thousand mile-long trip around England by canal. Beautiful countryside, and creeping round the edge of industrial towns.  Hardback   £25.00

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The Canal Line

Jerry Murland

The 1940 fighting along the canal in northern France from Gravelines through St Omer, Bèthune, and La Bassée, with contemporary photos, plus car tours and walks.

Softback  £14.99

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How It All Began

Christine Stone

The first Nina the Narrowboat book. Nina is rusty, dirty and broken. She is restored at the boatyard and made ready for adventures.



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A Sheepish Adventure

Christine Stone

The second Nina the Narrowboat book. Nina goes on a trip to see animals. Nina helps rescue the sheep which are in danger.



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Waterways in the Making

Edward Paget-Tomlinson

New edition of 1996 book describing how canals were built in the first place, and later, how they are maintained.  Large number of sketches by the author.

Softback £15.95

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Ships of the Chester River Richard Martin

History of the more than 600 vessels launched after 1800 in the Dee estuary in Chester and N Wales, and the families and companies that built them.

Softback   £16.00

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